About us

The main activity of VR Rebuilding OÜ is the conversion of commercial vehicles and special vehicles, the manufacture of various superstructures, and the installation of additional equipment. One important basis for creating a company is to bring together professional and experienced staff into a single, working team. The biggest and strongest feature of our team is economy and ingenuity, which helps us to guarantee our customers the best possible solutions and the best quality. Consequently, one of the biggest advantages of the company is flexibility and organizing the development of the best solution in cooperation personally with the final customer. We are predominantly engaged in the conversion of the most common commercial vehicles, such as Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen, Fiat, Citroen, Ford, Iveco, and Mercedes-Benz, according to the wishes and needs of customers.

On a daily basis, VR Rebuilding OÜ cooperates mostly with dealers of new commercial vehicles. In cooperation with vehicle dealers, we can also offer our customers not only solutions for construction but also a great opportunity to get the best completely new vehicle according to one’s needs before purchase, as a result of which it is possible to obtain a newly converted vehicle immediately. Thanks to this, we can offer the customer the immediate use of a new vehicle quickly and worry-free.

All work and solutions performed by VR Rebuilding OÜ are in accordance with the directives in force in the European Union.

The company’s main product groups and services are:

  • Lining the cargo space of vans with plywood (using waterproof film covered plywood, we can offer new vans the production and installation of additional plywood panels to protect the walls, ceiling, floor, and doors of the cargo space. In this way, one can always feel confident that the commercial vehicle does not get too damaged during transport)
  • Conversion of vans into crew vehicles (We can install both quick-connect seats and bolt-on seats in vans. The quick-connect seats are mounted on rails, which make it easy to disassemble the seats and raise them to a different distance if necessary. All the seats we offer meet the requirements set throughout the EU. All kinds of conversion solutions and accessories can be ordered from us together with the installation (e.g., additional heating, additional air conditioning, wall insulation, sound attenuation, sound system, interior lighting, tables, light shelves, and much more)
  • Conversion of vans into isothermal vans (with special refrigeration unit mainly for the transport of fresh, chilled, and/or frozen foodstuffs and other temperature-sensitive goods under suitable conditions and temperatures between + 7°C – 18°C
  • Conversion of vans into a vehicle intended for the transport of passengers (We will convert a simple van brought by the customer into a small M-category passenger bus according to the possible solutions and the customer’s wishes/needs. This includes the installation of additional seats, the installation of accessories, the conversion of the cargo space into a cabin with appropriate amenities, the production of upholstery in the cabin, the installation of accessories, and much more.)
  • Conversion of vans into a motorhome (According to the possible solutions and the customer’s wishes/needs, we build a simple van brought by the customer into a home on wheels, where everything is always with you. Installation of additional seats, kitchen, beds, optional integrated heating systems, water systems, multimedia systems, lighting, ventilation, etc.)
  • Manufacture of superstructures for chassis cab vans and trucks (manufacture of vans and aluminum boxes made of sandwich elements according to the dimensions, needs, and requirements specified by the customer and, if necessary, installation/integration of all necessary furnishings and accessories)
  • Installation of accessories for commercial vehicles (sale and installation of bumpers, sale and installation of additional lights, sale and installation of tell-tales, flashing panels and other necessary accessories for maintenance vehicles, sale and installation of side windows, sale and installation of auxiliary heating furnaces, heat blowers and cooling systems)
  • Special solutions for commercial vehicles (We rebuild an ordinary van according to the peculiarities and peculiarities of the customer’s field of activity. Highly appreciating the user’s daily safety, comfort, and quality of work with the converted vehicle.)
  • Roof racks and platforms for commercial vehicles: We offer various roof frame solutions for all commercial vehicles sold in Europe – roof platforms, crossbeams, rear door ladders, and many other accessories that make the use of roof frames especially safe and very comfortable. The manufacturer is a well-known Rhino Products BV that is highly valued for its quality
  • Repair, maintenance, and restoration of van bodies
  • Maintenance and repair of refrigeration units and tailgate lifts
  • Welding work